How to submit a book proposal

Preparing a proposal is the first important stage in developing your project. In order to ensure that Thieme can carefully assess the merits of your idea and arrive at a careful publishing decision, we recommend that your proposal include the following elements:

1. The Market
  • What is the market for which your project is intended?
  • What is the level (medical student, house officer, fellow, specialist, generalist)?
  • What trends or new developments in medical practice or education are likely to affect the development and marketing of your book?
  • Are there additional audiences (e.g., nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, technicians)?

2. The Competition
  • What are the major competitors (including price and length)?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Given the targeted market, review of major competitors, and your project plan, what special advantages will your text offer to potential readers?
  • Specifically, what will it do better than current offerings?

3. The Table of Contents and Organization
  • Number of editors?
  • Single or multicontributed?
Describe the coverage of each chapter, citing topics that will be unique to your book, what is innovative about the organization, and how your approach is superior to that of the most successful competitors.

Preparing a table of contents and listing prospective authors will help you to refine plans for overall structure, and it will enable the publisher and reviewers to evaluate the organizational logic and pedagogic strategy.

4. The Format
  • What is the projected length in double-spaced manuscript pages?
  • What are your plans for the art program? - How many line art illustrations? - How many halftones (photographs)? - Any color? If so, how many plates?
5. The Schedule
  • When do you anticipate delivering complete, final, production-ready manuscript?
6. Special Considerations

Are there special considerations in development (e.g., market research, use of consultants), production, or marketing that we should take into account in evaluating your project?
Sample Chapters
Although the prospectus and annotated table of contents reveal the thinking behind your conception of the book, it is the draft chapters that demonstrate whether its potential will be realized. Please send sample chapters to the publisher, if available.
Please provide us with a copy of your curriculum vitae, including your teaching and research experience; degrees and affiliations; prior publications; special qualifications; awards. Please be sure to provide your mailing address, office hours, and telephone numbers as well as fax and email address.
Reviewer and Consultant Suggestions
Your recommendations of reviewers-authorities in the field, medical educators, practitioners, or specific topic experts-would be most welcome.
Return of proposal
Authors: The Americas
Please return proposal to:

Editorial Department
Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc.
333 Seventh Avenue
New York, NY 10001
  Authors: Rest of the World
Please return proposal to:

Editorial Department
Thieme Publishers Stuttgart 
Georg Thieme Verlag
P.O. Box 30 11 20
D-70451 Stuttgart, Germany


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