Dr. Babbini graduated as a medical doctor at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 1958, and got his Ph.D. in pharmacology there in 1965. He pursued his career as a pharmacologist at the School of Medicine of the University of Bologna, starting there as an assistant professor in 1959. From 1969 to 1979, he was the Director of the Institute of Pharmacology of the University of Bologna. He joined Ross University in 1995, after retiring from the University of Bologna, and since then he has been teaching as professor of pharmacology at Ross University.

Dr. Babbini has extensive teaching experience in basic and clinical pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, biostatistics, and medical education, as well as research experience in neuropsychopharmacology and biostatistics. He has published more than 100 scientific papers in various scientific journals. For longer than 30 years, Dr. Babbini was the scientific and statistical consultant for many pharmaceutical companies in Italy. In 1980, he joined a group of medical teachers trying to change medical education in Italy. They founded the Italian Society of Medical Education and organized several workshops with most Italian medical faculties. In 1988, he was a visiting professor at the Department of Medical Education, University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Dr. Babbini wrote a book on pharmacokinetics and co-authored a book of. pharmacological questions. His present teaching commitments at Ross include most pharmacology subjects.

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