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Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography of the Body

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Prokop M, Galanski M, van der Molen AJ, Schaefer-Prokop CM
Spiral and Multislice Computed Tomography of the Body
Stuttgart - New York: Thieme Verlag, 2003

Dear Reader,

On this website you will find an extensive list of suggestions for further reading that belong to the 25 chapters of our book on spiral and multislice CT. The total number approaches 5600.
Last update of these files was done on 26 July 2005.

We have elected not to include the entire history of studies dealing with CT in general, but instead have focused on the radiological ones (in English and German language only) from recent years in which experience with spiral and multislice CT scanners was reported. These entries serve also to reference the practical statements which are made throughout the book.

Wherever applicable we also included non-radiological ones, especially those dealing with review, evidence-based studies or guidelines. For older references we suggest the reader uses the many review articles provided, as well as using cross-references from the more recent articles listed here.

For reasons of space in the book we have decided to only print the first three authors and to cover the others under et al. We apologize to these other authors for not mentioning their valuable contributions specifically.

Please do not hesitate to make your suggestions or remarks known to

The Editors

Contents of this website

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Review Books and Syllabi

Chapter 1 - Principles of CT, Spiral CT and Multislice CT

Chapter 2 - Image Processing and Display Techniques

Chapter 3 - Patient Preparation and Contrast Media Application

Chapter 4 - Optimization of Scanning Technique

Chapter 5 - Radiation Dose and Image Quality

Chapter 6 - CT-guided Interventional Procedures

Chapter 7 - Image Analysis

Chapter 8 - Neck

Chapter 9 - Lungs and Tracheobronchial System

Chapter 10 - Mediastinum, Pleura, and Chest Wall

Chapter 11 - The Liver

Chapter 12 - The Biliary Tract

Chapter 13 - The Spleen

Chapter 14 - The Pancreas

Chapter 15 - The Gastrointestinal Tract

Chapter 16 - Peritoneal Cavity and Retroperitoneum

Chapter 17 - Adrenal Glands

Chapter 18 - The Kidneys

Chapter 19 - Urinary Bladder

Chapter 20 - Female Pelvis

Chapter 21 - Male Pelvis

Chapter 22 - Lymphatic System

Chapter 23 - Heart

Chapter 24 - Vascular System

Chapter 25 - Musculoskeletal System

Sample Chapter

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