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Neurosurgery Board Review, Third Edition, recently published by Thieme, is an essential board review book that mirrors the exam’s multiple-choice format and seven sections: neurosurgery, clinical neurology, neuroanatomy, neurobiology, neuropathology, neuroradiology, and clinical skills/critical care. Presented in a new and improved layout, the third edition encompasses the numerous advances in neurosurgery since the 2004 edition was published.

Interventional Oncology, recently published by Thieme, is a concise, practical guide to state-of-the-art, image-guided procedures that are among the most innovative and effective cancer treatment options available today. It is the perfect high-yield manual for practitioners to consult before seeing oncology patients, as well as for intra and post-procedure management. Each chapter is presented in a similar format that includes indications, contraindications, patient selection, pre-procedure workup, technique, post procedure management, and clinical data.

Written by leading plastic surgeons from five different continents across the globe, Ethnic Considerations in Facial Plastic Surgery, recently published by Thieme, gives readers the tools they need to successfully perform surgical and non-surgical procedures on patients of various ethnicities. It includes sections on facial plastic surgery procedures performed on Latin, African, Asian, and Mediterranean/Middle Eastern patients, along with a final section on special topics such as fat grafting for mixed race patients and keloid treatments for dark skinned patients.

Interventional Radiology in Trauma Management, recently published by Thieme, brings together the insights and expertise of Dr. Tisnado, an interventional radiologist, and Dr. Ivatury, a trauma surgeon, to guide surgeons on how to effectively integrate both specialties into their management of trauma patients. This reference book provides comprehensive coverage of the increasingly important role of interventional radiology in the care of trauma patients and will be an essential text for interventional radiologists and surgeons specializing in trauma and critical care.

This sixth volume in the AOSpine Masters Series, recently published by Thieme, provides expert guidance on making an accurate diagnosis and classification of injuries to the thoracolumbar area of the spine. Chapters include: Radiographic Assessment of Thoracolumbar Fractures, Posterior and Anterior MIS in TL Fractures, and Thoracolumbar Fracture Fixation in the Osteoporotic Patient.

Imaging of Neurodegenerative Disorders, recently published by Thieme, is an up-to-date reference covering the latest techniques used in neuroimaging as well as the basic structural imaging that facilitates diagnosis of various neurodegenerative disorders. All advanced imaging modalities, including MR spectroscopy, DTI, MRI, and PET scans, are discussed in detail, enabling readers to gain a solid understanding of how to use them to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases.

Atlas of Neurosurgical Techniques: Brain, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, has been thoroughly revised and expanded and is the ideal reference for residents, fellows, and clinicians to review surgical procedures before entering the OR. The authors provide step-by-step descriptions of techniques, clearly delineating indications and contraindications, goals, operative preparation and anesthesia, and postoperative management. The main focus of this book is on teaching neurosurgical techniques at the most detailed level.

Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, is an up-to-date, beautifully illustrated text that guides readers in recognizing signs and symptoms, localizing pathology, developing a differential diagnosis, and selecting a management strategy. The content in this new edition reflects the most recent advances in neuro-ophthalmology.

Auditory Processing Deficits, recently published by Thieme, is designed to provide readers with key clinical information on APD, an important, growing area of interest in the field of audiology. The book contains the latest guidelines on screening, diagnosis, and intervention of auditory processing deficits and includes key information on related assessment tools and management strategies.

Manual of Fracture Management – Hand by Jesse Jupiter, Fiesky Nuñez, and Renato Fricker, recently published by Thieme and the AO Foundation, is a case-based book designed to instruct and introduce new technologies and methods to both novice and experienced hand surgeons. More than 2,250 high-quality illustrations and clinical images as well as access to an online video library showcasing dozens of surgical procedures for the hand are included.

Patient Blood Management, recently published by Thieme, is a comprehensive hands-on volume that offers a three-point approach for the implementation of PBM. It helps clinicians improve patient outcome, focusing on how to prevent or treat anemia, reduce blood loss, and increase anemia tolerance.

Functional Anatomy for Physical Therapists, recently published by Thieme, is a concise instructional manual that helps readers not only to memorize anatomy, but also to truly comprehend the structures and functions of the whole body–the intervertebral disk, the cervical spine, the cranium, the thoracic spine, the thorax, the upper extremities, lumbar spine, pelvis and hip joint, and the lower extremities. Through precise descriptions, efficiently organized chapters, and beautiful illustrations, the book relates functional anatomy to therapy practice, with extensive coverage of the palpation of structures and references to pathology throughout.

Robotic Head and Neck Surgery, recently published by Thieme, is a reference in which international experts collaborate and describe the current state of the art of robot-assisted surgery of structures within the head and neck. The text provides a practical approach to robot-assisted techniques, starting with the basics of training and education, ethical considerations, room set-up and instrumentation, and avoidance of complications. Specific surgical sites are also discussed, including approaches to malignancies of the oropharynx, larynx, hypopharynx, parapharyngeal space, thyroid, neck, and skull base.

CT Colonography Video Case Review, recently published by Thieme, captures interactive work station video reviews of 50 CTC clinical cases, presented and narrated by the major authorities in the field. The live workstation format of the videos enables users to view the 2D and 3D image display techniques for lesion detection and characterization across the major morphological types of colorectal lesions. The accompanying booklet includes key still images from the video cases and presents case information along with “take away” summaries.

Periodontology—The Essentials, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, provides readers with up-to-date information on the anatomy and physiology of the oral cavity as well as the latest methods for diagnosis, prevention, and therapy of periodontal disease. It is specifically designed to help busy dental professionals give their patients the highest level of care.

The third edition of Abdominal Ultrasound: Step by Step, recently published by Thieme, has been updated with a modern, visually attractive design and expanded content. This book is ideal for healthcare professionals with little or no experience in administering and interpreting abdominal ultrasound examinations. It is practice-oriented and structured in a way that allows readers with varying degrees of ultra-sonography knowledge to utilize the material according to their individual experience and needs.


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