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With Thieme's The Craniovertebral Junction: Diagnosis, Pathology, Surgical Techniques, the authors skillfully deliver the latest management strategies for treating this delicate region, located between the brain and the spinal cord. This comprehensive book presents a conceptual analysis and covers the spectrum of possible treatment options from masters in the field.

With more than 900 high-quality illustrations, ENT-Head and Neck Surgery: Essential Procedures is a step-by-step guide to must-know procedures for the full range of ENT conditions. Published by Thieme, this book is one of the few manuals covering the whole spectrum of general surgery for otolaryngology and head and neck surgery.

Thoracic Imaging, published by Thieme, is the latest book in the RadCases series for students who are prepping for rounds, rotations and exams. RadCases is a student-geared book series and searchable online database of cases that covers every subspecialty in radiology.

Idiopathic Scoliosis: The Harms Study Group Treatment Guide is the culmination of more than a decade of research and observation by members of the world-renowned Harms Study Group. This new book, published by Thieme, is designed for spinal deformity surgeons who treat idiopathic scoliosis, a dramatic curvature of the spine that accounts for 80-85% of all scoliosis cases.

Spine and Spinal Cord Trauma: Evidence-Based Management utilizes well-distilled evidence-based medicine to discuss specific treatment options in spinal trauma. Published by Thieme, this long-awaited source of guidelines based in science is complimented by more than 500 illustrations, and an hour-long DVD filled with narrated video footage of specific spinal procedures.

Pulmonary embolism (PE) is the third leading cause of cardiovascular mortality in North America and has a hospital mortality rate as high as 30%, which drops to around 8% if PE is diagnosed and treated properly. Atlas of Pulmonary Vascular Imaging: A Multimodality Approach, published by Thieme, provides clinicians with the tools to quickly identify and diagnose pulmonary embolism and the entire spectrum of pulmonary vascular conditions using the full range of imaging modalities available for this emerging discipline.

Medical thoracoscopy/pleuroscopy (MT/P) is a minimally invasive procedure that offers physicians a bird's eye view of the inside of a patient's body through the use of a combination of small endoscopic instruments. Medical Thoracoscopy/Pleuroscopy: Manual and Atlas, a book and DVD set published by Thieme, clearly explains how to apply the latest endoscopic techniques in interventional pulmonology.

Pediatric orthopedics requires practitioners to have sharp technical skills and a solid understanding of basic principles and standards of care. The Second Edition of Handbook of Pediatric Orthopedics, published by Thieme, provides exactly that by distilling virtually every relevant fact and guideline professionals need on a daily basis into one convenient book.

Thieme Publishers is pleased to announce that Facial Plastic Surgery is now offering Continue Medical Education (CME) credit to medical professionals in partnership with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS).

Professor Markus K. Heinemann, the recently appointed Editor-in-Chief of the Thieme journal The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon, is the fifth editor to lead this periodical. His predecessor, Professor Wolf-Peter Kloevekorn, who passed away earlier this year, served as the Editor-in-Chief for 15 years – the longest anyone has held the position.

World-renowned orthopedic and neurological spine surgeons have compiled, synthesized and summarized the most applicable scientific information available in their fields to produce Controversies in Spine Surgery. Published by Thieme, this succinctly written book takes a "best-evidence" approach to some of the most hotly debated topics in spine surgery.

The Maxillary Sinus: Medical and Surgical Management, published by Thieme, is the definitive multimedia reference for the care of maxillary sinus problems. Located behind the cheekbones, the maxillary sinuses frequently require revision surgery and are identified by clinicians as the most difficult paranasal sinuses to consistently keep healthy following a procedure.

Laryngeal Evaluation: Indirect Laryngoscopy to High-Speed Digital Imaging is a must-have multimedia reference on the latest laryngeal examination and imaging techniques. This new book and DVD, published by Thieme, helps readers accurately diagnose and manage patients with voice disorders.

Saving readers time and energy, the "Handbook of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery", published by Thieme, is a pocket-sized clinical guide with the most complete and timely coverage of the discipline. Otolaryngology–head and neck surgery – a demanding field that focuses on the treatment of ear, nose, and throat conditions – requires clinicians to continually expand the scope of their knowledge and to have relevant information at their finger tips.

Thieme Medical Publishers' award-winning Anatomy on the Go flash cards are now available as a best-selling iPhone application. In the two weeks immediately following its release, the anatomy flash cards app broke the Top Ten in the paid medical and top grossing app rankings, and remains a strong seller.

Audiology Answers for Otolaryngologists, published by Thieme, the authors distill the essential audiology information Otolaryngology residents need to tackle their board examinations, and addresses the most common questions posed by aspiring ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians.


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