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One of the current major health issues is the rise and spread of the Zika Virus. In February 2016, the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of a "Public Health Emergency of International Concern" (defined as "a public health crisis of potentially global reach"). Unsurprisingly, this led to a huge effort from the international research community, with much research being done to address its spread and health issues for, in particular, the virus' transmission from pregnant mother to fetus and its suspected causation of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Thieme has played its part in the dissemination of this important research and we are pleased to present our remarkable collection of articles on the Zika Virus. We invite you to browse the journals and articles below to learn more:

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FREE ACCESS: Zika Virus and Pregnancy: A Review of the Literature and Clinical Considerations Open Access
Marrs, Caroline; Olson, Gayle; Saade, George; Hankins, Gary; Wen, Tony; Patel, Janak; Weaver, Scott
American Journal of Perinatology

FREE ACCESS: Zika Virus: What Have We Learned?
Sáfadi, Marco Aurélio Palazzi
American Journal of Perinatology

FREE ACCESS: Zika Virus Outbreak and the Poor Brazilian Family Planning Program Open Access
Brito, Milena Bastos; Fraser, Ian S.
RBGO Gynecology and Obstetrics

FREE ACCESS: Zika Virus Infection in Pregnant Women: Topic for Discussion Open Access
Sriwijitalai, Won; Wiwanitkit, Viroj
RBGO Gynecology and Obstetrics

FREE ACCESS: Challenges of Zika Virus Infection in Pregnant Women Open Access
Duarte, Geraldo
RBGO Gynecology and Obstetrics

The Zika Virus Pandemic and Reproductive Medicine
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine, Issue 05 • Volume 34 • September 2016

FREE ACCESS: Vaccine Development for Zika Virus-Timelines and Strategies
Durbin, Anna P.
Seminars in Reproductive Medicine

Mikrozephalie: Zika als Auslöser?
DMW - Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift

How dangerous is the Zika virus?
Kekulé, Alexander
DMW - Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift

Zika Virus and the Nervous System
Schmutzhard, E.; Pfausler, B.
Aktuelle Neurologie

Zika Virus Infections: an Emerging Neurological Disorder in Europe
Deuschl, G.
Aktuelle Neurologie

The updated Second Edition of this outstanding reference guide and textbook provides a comprehensive review of both the French (after Nogier) and Chinese schools of acupuncture. The book offers a detailed description of the anatomy and morphology of the ear, acupoints on the ear and their localizations, as well as specific points for ear acupuncture. Dr. Rubach, with many years' experience as a practitioner and teacher, provides valuable information in an easy-to-read, helpful format. You will learn how to use ear acupuncture safely and effectively. Large-format, graphic images are used to clearly show the location of points and the methods of auriculotherapy. The book includes answers to important everyday questions and is a treasury of practical information.

The updated edition of this classic is essential for all practitioners and advanced students. The editors artfully synthesize the pathology of voice, speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing disorders with practical guidance. Insightful viewpoints and viable solutions are provided for patient management issues including neurological and physical challenges, surgical implications, and medical ethics, in the context of the continuum of health care settings.

This book details the surgical techniques of Dr. Francoise Firmin, a recognized thought leader in auricular surgery. It contains her "trade secrets" that have been distilled over many years of practice and is abundantly illustrated with over 1000 colour photographs and drawings. The book includes operative and lecture video plus an eBook. This practical, authoritative book will be an essential purchase to all surgeons who operate on the ear.

Effective on January 1, 2017, Thieme will acquire Stuttgart-based publishing house Schattauer Verlag. Schattauer’s owner and CEO Dieter Bergemann will retire from the business at age 79. Established in 1949 by Friedrich Karl Schattauer as an academic publisher for medicine and science, Schattauer’s nationally and internationally well-established portfolio today includes 21 journals and 1,200 print and digital books.

Glaucoma affects millions of people worldwide and is the second leading cause of blindness. Major advances in innovative surgical techniques, collectively termed minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), have revolutionized the field. These groundbreaking ophthalmic surgery approaches are effective, are not bleb-dependent, and they result in fewer complications. Authored by a Who's Who of prominent experts in the MIGS movement, this book represents the most comprehensive book written to date on the subject.

Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a devastating, clinically challenging injury, leading to varying degrees of neurological function impairment and paralysis. Underlying biological mechanisms either inhibit or promote new growth in the spinal cord. Researchers have been making important discoveries about how neurons and their axons grow in the central nervous system and why they fail to regenerate after SCI. Although progress has been steady, there remains an urgent need to address issues in acute management such as early decompression and the use of biologics, as well as potential solutions for regeneration.

Comprehensive, but small enough to take on rounds, the updated second edition of this popular neurosurgical board review provides a robust study companion for the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) primary examination. The text includes an impressive number of questions with concise and well-delineated explanations. Suitable for thorough board preparation, the question and answer format enables busy neurosurgical residents to efficiently practice, review, and improve upon their comprehension.

Secondary Rhinoplasty by the Global Masters from Dr. Rod J. Rohrich and Dr. Jamil Ahmad fills a gap in available resources, bringing together for the first time a unique quorum of current thought leaders and educators from the fields of plastic surgery and facial plastic surgery. This remarkable two-volume set reflects outstanding contributions and personal techniques from more than 70 renowned rhinoplasty surgeons from four continents and more than 10 countries. The ideal companion to Dr. Rohrich’s renowned rhinoplasty reference Dallas Rhinoplasty: Nasal Surgery by the Masters, this must-have tool will help plastic surgeons refine and master operative principles of revision rhinoplasty. “Secondary rhinoplasty is both perplexing and humbling for even the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons, and so different from primary rhinoplasty – from patient expectations to what can and cannot be done to obtain a good result in a consistent manner,” said Dr. Rohrich.

Foot reflexology is now widely used to relieve symptoms of many disorders. Hanne Marquardt is a pioneer in teaching and practicing foot reflexology in Germany – many of today's practicing foot reflexologists were trained at her well-established teaching institution. This book, based on the best-selling fourth German edition, has been constantly reviewed and updated by the author, incorporating new findings and strategies as they evolved.

Written in the concise and engaging style of leading neuroradiologist Dr. Asim Choudhri, Pediatric Neuroradiology is a highly practical reference focusing on the most common, serious, and challenging conditions seen in the specialty. This book offers concise guidelines on very complex topics related to the areas of pediatric neuroradiology in which it is crucial that radiologists make correct diagnoses.

STM, the global trade association for academic and publishers, has developed sharing principles that serve as a guideline for academic, technical, and medical publishers worldwide. Thieme, too, belongs to the signees of these voluntary principles for sharing scholarly articles in academic networks.

Board certification by the American Board of Neurological Surgery (ABNS) is considered the gold standard for neurosurgeons practicing in the U.S. The ABNS primary examination requires many months of preparation, and passing it is both a significant accomplishment and integral component in becoming board certified. Contributions from current neurosurgical residents and seasoned practitioners infuse this book with a well-rounded perspective. Having been there and done that, the authors incorporated what they felt was missing from board review books when they sat for the exam – resulting in a 'bucket list' study guide.

Although the scope of orthopaedic surgery continues to expand on a daily basis, the fundamental information required to pass orthopaedic in-training, board, and maintenance of certification (MOC) exams remains largely unchanged, yet essential. Preparation for the Orthopaedics In-Training Exam (OITE) and American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery (ABOS) Part 1, is highly challenging. Recognizing the considerable challenges faced by residents and practicing orthopaedic surgeons, the authors have written an essential guide that provides invaluable knowledge and clinical pearls on the fundamentals of orthopaedic surgery. Every chapter is coauthored, providing readers with a well-rounded perspective from both a senior faculty member and a recently matriculated orthopaedic resident/fellow.

This comprehensive volume provides vital support for both novice and experienced practitioners of Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) by integrating the latest theoretical foundations of NDT with real-life practice examples. The book is the culmination of a 5-year project by instructors of the Neuro-Developmental Treatment Association to develop an up-to-date guide to the neurorehabilitation approach originally developed by Karl and Berta Bobath.

This second edition of volume 3, Latin Nomenclature, in the Thieme Atlas of Anatomy series now covers anatomy of the neck as well as anatomy of the head and neuroanatomy. It includes over 200 stunning new anatomic illustrations as well as a substantial number of additional clinical correlations. Descriptions of anatomic structures and their relationships to one another, along with information on the development of the structures, anomalies, and common pathologies, appear in every chapter.


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